2021 Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

This tag is incredibly special to me. I discovered booktube and realized that there was a bookish online world right around the time people were doing this, so videos of this tag were a good chunk of the first bookish content I consumed. I ended up creating my blog in August of 2020, so I was too late to do the tag, but now is the time. I can finally do the mid-year book freak out tag!

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

So I did not get a notification for this award, which is very weird. I was casually scrolling through my reader, and wanted to leave a congratulatory comment over on the post by Allison @ Universe Within Pages for winning this award. I scroll to the bottom of her post and lo and behold I have been nominated??? I choked on my coffee.

After cleaning my keyboard and thanking her, I immediately got started on this post.

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