Rec List: Art as Books (part 2)

Hey, everyone! This is the second installment of my “Art as Books” series (you can find part one here) and this is where I use my Art History background to match the vibes of a piece of artwork to the vibes of a book I’ve enjoyed.

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Rec List: Art as Books (part 1?)

It is uncommon knowledge that I’m minoring in Art History for my undergraduate degree, which means I look at and analyze a lot of statues, sculptures, paintings, and pottery. (I’m hoping to do more with textile art, but we shall see). What better way to put my knowledge to good use than to judge the vibes of a piece of artwork… and match them to a book?

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2021 Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

This tag is incredibly special to me. I discovered booktube and realized that there was a bookish online world right around the time people were doing this, so videos of this tag were a good chunk of the first bookish content I consumed. I ended up creating my blog in August of 2020, so I was too late to do the tag, but now is the time. I can finally do the mid-year book freak out tag!

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